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Doilies are no longer just for Grandma and hankies no longer just for Grandpa. With their vintage style, beautiful floral designs, embodied and lace patterns doilies and hankies are very in style and can be used to in many different mays. This is idea is so simple, you don't even need to know how to sew properly, just simply stitch the doilies loosely together. 

Or use handkerchiefs. Love the idea of using it over a toilet window to make the room a bit more pretty. The toilet room always seems to get left out when decorating. [Photo from: Rose Hip]

Here is an example of one i made when I was about 15 (so 5 years ago now). Excuse the old photos that embarrassingly feature a younger me but these are the only ones i have of it. I still have the window decoration but its packed up as I'm in the process of moving, so no new photos unfortunately. I just went to Spotlight and bought two of those sample squares of fabric i liked and then tied those in with handkerchiefs, which i sewed a doily on! More doilies and an old lace shirt that i cut up. It just proves how easy it is to sew. I made this when i had no sewing experience except a few classes i did in school the year before. And I believe it came out great! The colours looks wonderful when the sun comes through the fabric. 

However if you are really against sewing one yourself, you can purchase one of these absolutely gorgeous and colourful curtains from EtsyThe mix of the handkerchiefs, sheer fabric and what looks like retro scarfs is a wonderful mix and would brighten up any part of the home. 

Paper doilies are generally considered daggy and what you see decorating the tables at the local pub when they are trying to be 'fancy'. However they have lots of creative opportunities, in kids craft (paper dolls), invitations (I once made an invitation out of one, which had buttons stuck on for decoration for an Alice In Wonderland party) and this idea for flower holders for a gift,  place decorations at a party or even a wedding. Its so simple too! Just simply roll you doily around with the paper, maybe a a couple dabs of glue to hold it in place and tie off with string. 

Now this is top of the list on my DIY for when i move. I absolutely adore these doily light pendants. There are a multitude of step by step DIY instructions out there now. Here is just one from: Bliss In Images

The doily is a classic table decoration that always looks beautiful, however try mixing it up with by laying down some pretty hankies too. And even tying one up and using it as a serviette, like this place setting. [Photo from: Glass Jar Photography]

This wedding dress is like nothing i have ever seen and so stunning! Doilies can be used in multiple ways on clothes. This dress as an example. I have used doilies on some of my own clothes before too, including just simply  sewing one onto a white single and along with hankies and lace on a costume I made for my aforementioned Alice In Wonderland party. 

 Finally a stylish Shower Curtain! This makes me want to have a shower bath, just so I can make one. 

Again the paper doilies are in use here, being used to decorate these votive candle holders. So easy, they have just cut them and glued it to the glass. These would look lovely, when lit up, with the patterns illuminating. [Photo from: Martha Stewart Weddings]

GARLANDS! So easy and So Stylish. Doily garlands are  beautiful and dainty and can be done many different ways as seen below and more. Half doilies, whole doilies, paper doilies, colourful, white, different sizes. These are my favourite way to use doilies. [Top right can be purchased from: Etsy]

Another easy sewing DIY is doilies as a table runner or table cloth. This is a lovely idea! And a Modern way to use them. 

This blog post on Pure and Noble also has some clever ways to use doilies, including on jars, pillows, to make patterns on cookies and more ways on curtains :) So who's going to be raiding Nan's kitchen draws and having a go at these projects? Or What have you already made using doilies or hankerchiefs? Bye, byes, Laurel xx

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