Saturday, 19 October 2013


This is my wish list of things I am just adoring this month. Turquoise seems to be the colour I am being most drawn to this spring and I have actually decided that when I get my own kitchen it shall be decorated in this colour! 1- The Crafty Bundle. Every few months they release a new box, filled with local artists creations and send it straight to your door for you to open and smile with glee at the delightful crafty goodness inside. Also a great gift idea. 2-Sea Foam Lamp. This nautical inspired lamp is a unique design with its exposed bulb and i think it would look great in my dream kitchen i was talking about ;) 3- Diana Lens. Takes the retro toy lens and makes it adaptable with your DSLR camera. So you can enjoy the vintage quality photos without the hassle of film. 4- Rosaspina Vintage Shirt. All the clothes on this website are handmade with vintage italian fabric and all super sweet. 5- Unzipped Bag Lolly Jar. I just love the odd shape of this. Would make a great addition to any kitchen, who wouldnt want to store treats on the bench!? 6- Soda Shop Sweet Dress. Beautiful 50's style dress from ModCloth. The colour, the shape, the polkadots, everything is lovely about this dress. Perfect for spring. 7- Olga Mint Pillow. It features my new favourite colour, a vintage camera and a hip looking girl. I need this pillow in my life! 

So there it is, my materialistic wants for the month :) Whats on your wish list for the season? Laurel xx 

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