Friday, 11 October 2013


Brighten up your house and life just by adding some of these simple ideas into your décor. These simple DIY ideas below, [Photos, from top: LuvocracyEtsyLittle Bit FunkyLuvocracy] are  all simple things that could easily be found in OP shops and upcycled with a splash of neon paint! 

Dip Dyed Tassels fromThe Six Week Boutique These could be bunched together and hung as wall art like shown, or hang them from the ends of curtains, table clothes or even over door handles. 

These pieces of neon furniture and accessories are great ascent's to add to a room, without having to paint the walls. Excellent way to add colour to a room if living in a rental property.


Love this idea to hang up indoor (or outdoor) plants from Refinery 29

Sticky Notes. Now not just for scribbling random notes on, but also for a rad and inexpensive way to decorate an office area. [FromTable Tonic]

Another great way to add a splash of colour is with neon pillows! I especially love this adorable one which can be purchased from Yellow Velvet. [Note, all of her pillows are amaze balls!] 

Keep it simple with some colourful knick knacks, [bottles, books, stools etc.] Instead of overwhelming a room with  bright painted walls. This is also another great way to inject colour into a rental home. [Photo from The Design Files]

Geometric + Neon is all the latest range at the moment and I;m just digging these desk organisers from Luvocracy. A lovely pop of colour that also stores all your desks little extras. 

Something for the kids (or the adults who are kids at heart). This happy bunny is a simple pattern that could easily be sewn, with the neon spots glued on and the word 'happy' and his smiling face embroidered. If you aren't up for the sewing challenge, it can be purchased here  on Etsy

Hope you are inspired to ad some fantastically bright neon to your home now! xx bye byes, Laurel

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